Real Stories From Our Franchise Owners

City Publications Northern Virginia

"After traveling over 4 million miles in the last 20 years for my company, I decided that I needed to find a second career that I could own myself. After looking at other companies, City Publications gave me everything I was looking for in a business, total independence, being at home every night with my family and helping to grow other businesses. City Publications has been extremely helpful in helping me grow my business, and their team has always been very professional in dealing with my needs. This business model works great for me and am sure anyone looking to start their own business would be greatly satisfied with City Publications."

Rob Norman, President/Owner
City Publications Richmond
City Publications Northern Virginia

"When looking for a second career after managing the advertising for a multi-million dollar Lawn & Landscape company, I looked at several companies I was using for direct mail, including City Publications. I chose City Publications because of the business model presented. City Publications has always been supportive and receptive to franchisee suggestions. Since that decision 13 years ago, I have no regrets and look forward to growing with City Publications."

Phil Orchard-Hays, Owner
City Publications Northern Virginia
City Publications Atlanta

"My professional career has been in sales working for someone else making them lots of money. I looked at the City Publications opportunity because I wanted to own my own business and continue to be in a sales organization, but make money for myself with the flexibility to be able to spend more time with my family. This business offers me that and much more. I have only been in this for one year, but so far City Publications and their support team has surpassed my expectations and I will continue to strive for even greater success in the future through this partnership."

David Grow, Owner
City Publications Atlanta
City Publications Chicago

"Some people are born to lead, others born to follow. If you firmly believe you are a leader, I invite you to become a City Publications Franchise Owner, where you can chart your own success course to achieve the independence and financial reward you deserve."

Dave Newcomb, Owner
City Publications Chicago Western Suburbs
City Publications Wisconsin

"When it comes to one's career, there are generally two choices. We can make a living or we can design a life. However, being a City Publications Franchise owner is a unique opportunity where both significant financial rewards and true lifestyle flexibility can be achieved."

Jeff Kubik
City Publications Atlanta

"The leaders of City Publications do a great job of staying focused on our target market, the affluent homeowner. Unlike some marketing companies that chase after every consumer segment or experiment with every new technology gimmick just to sell some advertising, our people want to make sure that anything we do will enhance our mission of serving that affluent market better than anyone else. The business plan allows you to become profitable quickly, and, unlike some business models where the franchisor takes more as the franchisee becomes more successful, the City Publications model encourages and rewards the franchisee for their growth and success."

Brian Webb